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The History

The Middle Eastern cultures have a rich and beautiful history of Jewellery that still prevails today. Jewellery was a show of wealth, power and abundance. It showcased the beauty of women, it represented their security, their history and it was passed down through generations. Mahallati Jewellery is one of the premiere jewellery houses of the middle east and is the creation of Mr. Abdul Karim Mahallati. From a small workshop in 1968, he Is now Joined by his children and has expanded the brand into one of the most trusted and renowned jewellery brands to come from the Middle East.

Mahallati Jewellery is one of the premiere jewellery houses of the middle eastand is the creation of Mr. Abdul Karim Mahallati.

Mr. Abdul Karim Mahallati began his Journey into the Jewellery arena at the age of 15 in a gold workshop in Iraq, where he learned the highly complex craftsmanship of goldsmithing. He became passionate about the intricate workmanship that was crucial in creating superior and notable pieces. He opened his own Jewellery manufacturing facility and first Mahallati Jewellery boutique in 1968. From there, he travelled the world in order to source the best materials for his jewellery collection. From Japan, South East Asia, Africa and Europe, he developed the highest standards of jewellery creation which remain a signature of Mahallati Jewellery today.

As his flair and quality created an increasingly strong demand for his Jewellery in Iraq Mr. Mahallati, began to expand, establishin leading jewellery boutiques all across the Middle East with a head office in the cosmopolitan city of Dubai.

In 1998 he was Joined in the business by his eldest son, Mehran Mahallati, who shares in the Mahallati Jewellery credo of excellence and innovation in Jewellery design and manufacture. Together they further expanded the Mahallati Jewellery brand by opening luxury retail stores in Mall of the Emirates, Dubai Mall and Dubai Marina Mall, catering to the ever growing international retail market In Dubai, and bringing a truly international dimension to the Mahallati Jewellery brand.

Operated across the Middle East for more than 50 years

Mahallati Jewellery is truly a family owned and run company as Mr Abdul Karim Mahallati is now also Joined in the business by his daughter Marwa Mahallati and youngest son, Mohammed Mahallati.

With a manufacturing facility in Thailand employing over 200 jewellery experts and Incorporating in house jewellery development, with retail and wholesale stores having now operated across the Middle East for more than 50 years, we look forward to continuing to create magnificent jewellery for generations to come.